4 Easy In-Flight diet tricks

Best in-flight diet tricks for a bikini–ready body



  • When travelling, especially long distance our appetite is all over the place. Changes in time zones, different altitude and lay-overs means routine goes out the window. Snack before you get too hungry, so that you don’t end up eating that crazy weird plane food they serve. My go-to snacks include; one-ball protein balls made from coconut and whey; Chia Pod bars (Chia Bites) – chocolate flavour is great and low in sugar; Raw Almonds or try RX bars which all also all natural ingredients not too many cals.


  • Think Ahead. Lots of airlines offer diabetic food options. I’m not diabetic, but the options usually are way better than what everyone else is eating – less carbs and healthier. You need to book this before you board, but it’s usually free depending on the airline.


  • Treat yo’self. Everyone likes a little indulgence on the flight, like chocolate, but there are good options to choose from. Try Ombar chocolate - its raw, organic and all natural. It contains coconut sugar, whole fruits and berries so you get the goodness of the antioxidants without all the refined stuff.


There you have it. 4 easy ways to keep a muffin top away whilst flying. It’s all worth it when you get off the plan and into that bikini for the perfect beach vacay.



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