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What happens on a great flight exactly? If you haven’t experienced it yet, you can look forward to at least a few hours’ sleep, a sense of calm, wellness, comfort and land feeling refreshed.

Sounds hard to believe, but these exclusive in-flight accessories can make all the difference to your next long-haul flight (and all available in one handy Princess Pack!)


  1. Scarf

Always take a generous sized scarf which can be used a stylish fashion accessory through the airport, a neck pillow when you sleep or a shawl when the flight has air-conditioning on like it’s the middle of summer. We love the Echo NY scarf – great proportion, without being too heavy.


Perfect size for keeping warm or use as a make-shift pillow


  1. Eye-mask

Any traveler will tell you that an eye mask is crucial. It tunes out the neighbor next to you and sends a message to your body that it’s time to stop, relax and sleep. We love Perpetual shade silk eye mask with their quirky comments, makes it fun too.


Get some shut-eye with these cute eye masks


  1. Invisibobble

Best hair tie you’ll find. I tend to get a blow out before a flight so that when you land it doesn’t end up looking like a bird’s nest. Invisibobble allows you to pin up your locks without leaving a dent. Genius!

Keep your hair looking smooth with Invisbobble 

  1. Socks

A pair of durable socks are imperative. Make sure you swap your regular socks (or take an extra pair for when you land) and have the in-flight ankle socks that don’t cut off circulation and have a little grip when walking around.

 Comfy socks keep your feet warm and clean

  1. Face Cleansing Wipes

Perfect to apply as soon as you sit down on a long-haul flight, prior to putting on your silk eye-masks to ensure no makeup ends up on the mask or clogs your pores during the flight. A great idea is the individually wrapped Missha wipes which is handing when travelling as it’s not a liquid (so won’t need to be checked at security) and stay hydrated with individual packs.

 Love these! Perfect individually wrapped wipes that won't dry out and gently cleanse your skin

  1. Lip Balm

It’s a given your lips will get chapped on a flight. Make sure you have super hydrating lip balm that doubles as a non-sticky gloss. Perfect on flight and for when you land too. We love Jack Black’s original lip balm.

Lip Balm - 100% necessary on all flights 

  1. Hand Cream

Just a little tube is a great idea, because like your lips, your hand always feel dry on a plane. I really love the Swedish Dream which comes in a great travel size and I can’t get enough of the subtle perfume. For something a little larger and less fragrant, you can’t go past Kiehl’s hand cream.

 Hand cream - perfect for hydrating hands on long haul flights

  1. Face Mist

A must for when you land. A few quick sprays gently around your face you leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Also help give a little glow, which is great, especially if your meeting someone special at the gate. You can’t go past Herbivore Botanicals coconut face mist, perfect size for travel too.

 Face Mist spray - perfect for a refresh before you land


  1. Ear-phones

Don’t forget a good pair of earphones you can plug in and meditate or listen to calming music. This always helps me drift off and tune out. They can look stylish too, we love the gold detail on Wicked earphones.

 Wicked earphones in stylish white & gold

  1. USB charger

I’ve heard many a seasonal traveler talk about carrying a USB charger. There’s nothing more frustrating than landing and not being about to make plans or grab an Uber.




  1. Cord Taco

A cord taco takes care of all your annoying earphone/charger wires that inevitably get tangled at the bottom of your bag. The cords just wrap around the small ‘taco’ shaped leather and snaps it in place. Presto – organized in a flash. Try This is Ground Cord Taco.


  1. Good breath!

Clearly everyone wants good breath, but take a tooth brush and toothpaste can bit messy and cumbersome. Try Eat Whatever’s mints, swallow a gel cap followed by sucking on a mint – it comes as a pack and will take care of whatever you’ve decided to nosh on during the flight.

Good breath makes you feel good


And that’s a wrap… Well almost

A mesh bag: Avoid having all these 12 items floating around in your handbag. Baggu’s cute zip mesh hold-all will ensure you’ll be able to secure these items safely and stylishly in an easy-to-see zip pouch. You can all these products in one great Princess in-flight Travel pack! Check out our Products page for more details!

Baggu's perfect travel mesh zip pouch


Make life easier and download the top 12 accessories for a great flight in a convenient PDF so you always have easy access. It’s free! Click here for the link:


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