What is a Princess Pack and why do you need one?

The Princess Pack, the ultimate In-Flight Travel Pack, was created from my own personal need to have all my essential in-flight products neatly in one place on the flight. You know if you travel, whether its 3 hours or 24 hours, there are a few items that make the flight more enjoyable - especially when traveling in coach.

We have researched and tested the most desirable products and brands to take with you on your flight and have it curated perfectly in one gorgeous pack. 

The pack is the tool to ensure you sleep well, look good and feel great on every flight. Self-care is the new luxury - get on board!


Who is the Princess?

Grown out of Lauren’s travel guide, Princess with a Backpack, published by Morgan James Publishers, 2011, started life a guide to backpacking in style and has evolved into a travel website dedicated to providing the ultimate in travel, design and luxury to discerning, savvy and stylish women.

“The idea for Princess With A Backpack came to me while I was waiting for my flight for 12 hours at a tiny airport in Paris. It was my last stop before heading home to Australia and in-between my second and third Diet Coke, the thought struck me that perhaps other girls could benefit from my travel experience, mistakes, and chutzpa.  I do admit that I’m a princess, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It just means we “princesses” demand a little more, and we see obstacles not as problems, rather challenges we must overcome to basically get what we want out of life.”

Lauren's aim is to encourage all women to be brave and explore to ignite your travel-spirit.

She has the Moto "if I can do it, you can do it - be brave and don't wait for the perfect time to travel. Life is so much better when you feel a rush for discovering a new city or reuniting with a destination you haven't been to in years"

“I realized that the big travel review companies didn’t always get it right and we were tired of travel websites with reviews that we could not trust. The only way we knew that we would like a hotel recommendation is if our good friends with similar taste recommended it. We only post hotels and destinations that we love – it needs to have the princess tick of approval to be published.”

We are career-minded, ambitious women and are passionate about design, style, fashion, art, spas, adventure and substance. We seek out the best in Spas, Resorts, hotels, tours the list goes on… what’s more,  we are all about value for money – whether its $500 or $5,000 you know you’re getting a great deal.

What we do

We seek the best in accommodation, travel destinations, spas, restaurants and fashion. We try them out and then provide our readers with our unbiased, real and reliable advice. We represent a strong support network for our readers around the globe.

We also provide a hotel consultancy service providing feedback to the places we have reviewed after our visit.

Our readers…

Savvy, discerning, health-conscious, educated women wanting to explore the world! We also post on aspirational destinations and resorts.. something inspirational and aspirational.. for the dreamer in all of us.

Our philosophy

All our reviews have been tried and tested by us, so if we love it – we’ll post it.


About the Author & Founder…

Lauren was born in Cape Town, South Africa, raised in Perth, Western Australia, moved to Sydney, Australia at the age of 18, and now resides in New York City.

Lauren’s travel guidebook, Princess With A Backpack, provides tips and advice for young women looking for adventure while traveling abroad solo.  Princess with a Backpack was published by Morgan James Publishers (2011), and is based on her travels in Europe. The book has evolved into a travel website, princesswithabackpack.com, which shares tips and advice from around the globe to other female travelers looking for advice from a fellow ‘princess’.

The “princess” team also comprises of other fantastic and talented female writers, who love to share their stories and advice from around the world. Located in Sydney, Hong Kong, USA and Europe… our writers make a great contribution to the team.

Lauren is a qualified Architect, graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from UNSW, Sydney, and held several jobs in architecture and design in both Sydney and New York.  She also been a contributor for  huffingtonpost.com, the Sydney Morning Herald, msnbc.com and ninemsn.com with articles topics ranging from hotel design, retail space, events, and office makeovers.

Lauren spent from 2012-2015 working on the Whitney Museum of American Art, a $400M Museum in NYC, as the Owners Representative, an continues to both travel the globe and work in the design industry in New York.